Paradise Luxury brand discount store outlets Beijing

  End of this year, is located Wenyu River near the airport, next to Springfield Soar Teles (Surprise Outlets) will soon open, it feels like an art rich flavor of the Spanish town of leisure for the consumer to create a unique shopping paradise.

斯普瑞斯奥特莱斯(Surprise Outlets)

Springfield Soar Teles (Surprise Outlets)

  Outlets started in the United States, from the first “factory outlet store” After 100 years of development, and gradually form a similar type of outlets shopping mall shopping center, has formed a separate format mode, and has become rapidly growing new business in the trend.

  Springfield Soar Soar Teles Teles from Springfield Mall Beijing Co., Ltd. the joint venture with the government by DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Property Management operations. This project is divided into three phases. One project covering 90 acres, an area of 3.5 million square meters; II and III will start at the end of next year opening.

  Ole Fashion

  Bright debut of Springfield will not only have Soar TelesArmani, Dolce & Gabbana, Cerruti 1881, Kent & Curwen, Gieves & Hawkes and other fashion brands, 7 for ALL Mankind, SIU, Bauhaus, UGO, BCBG,Juicy Couture, Partrizia Pepe, AT, Quiksilver, Seven Days and other brands for the first time in the forms mode Outlet settled in Beijing. It will be a young white-collar, fashion, modern choice for families. Outlets from the front of the mature high-end area, the center of international fashion district, part of the corridor on both sides of denim leisure areas and children’s play areas, on for the whole family together to the consumer entertainment. Ultra-low prices will surprise consumers to enjoy the quality of luxury fashion.

  Central Square Mall will be the young, fashionable people to touch the latest fashion trend information platform. This release will be held in the brand and exhibitions will also publish regularly scheduled vehicle and related new business activities.

  Green Ole

  Springfield Soar Teles its unique location by bearing, so that consumers can enjoy shopping more than the fun of travel and leisure. Along the highway east of the airport the second (T3 International Terminal) Wenyu River View Road exit, north to as the “mother river” of the Wenyu River Ecological Corridor, west of Beijing and the Australian tobacco Lake International Resorts International International School. Wenyu River Road next year, the opening of the landscape, connecting Chaoyang North Road, drive 15 minutes to Darth Prius Outlets. 2014 will also allow the opening of subway transportation more convenient.

  Store in their own promoting environmental protection, energy efficiency and low at the same time, it will be reflected in the details at this idea, and to unite our partners, businesses, etc., will create a green living environment to play, a habit, a basic life way.

  Mall for Beijing residents to create a fine day the two lines, hot springs tours, eco-picking trip, and arrange for special shuttle. Mall also tourist resorts and a number of the surrounding golf course to discuss and publicize the intention to reach an interactive, source interaction. Number of VIP golf course will provide experience in addition to coupons, there will be some new forms of cooperation.

  In addition, the mall close to the airport, but also for visitors from around the world friends to provide a good place for shopping and dining. Mall and surrounding provinces have been (Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Shaanxi) and company confirm that the tourism sector, with tourism resources around the mall project, opened up shop tour projects, and links to several travel companies in Beijing, for the plane’s passengers before boarding arrangements for shopping and dining mall.

  Mall of the green belt within the uniquely designed so that consumers just like walking in a foreign country, full of feelings of pleasure.